Newport Hills Town Center  |  Rain Catchers  Forged Fronds  Stone Mosaics / Urban Renewal

Metro transit shelter Installation and streetscape improvements.

Inspired by the local landscape, Rain Catchers lift public attention to the element of sky. Stainless steel Maple and Alder Leaf  art elements integrate into two Metro bus shelters bringing both pattern in nature and sense of connection to the neighborhood town center. The Urban Boulevards and neighborhood identity project captures a unique opportunity to combine Urban Renewal, Sustainability and Neighborhood Identity into the streetscape improvements for the town center.

Forged Fronds integrate generative pattern found in nature. The intent of the art is to Invite, Involve and Inspire, the designs are the result of extensive public interaction with the creative process that informs the work.  

“Where architecture ends, my work begins and a new relationship is born to the context of site, the environment and landscape, to time and to the integration of art into its surroundings.”